Archaeological Projects in Cambodia

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A list of current and (recent) past archaeological projects in Cambodia.  Please contact me if you have any additions/changes/or additional information on these projects.

-The APSARA Authority has many projects in the Angkor region, both collaborative and independent.

-Cheung Ek: Archaeological investigation of a circular earthwork and kiln site led by Phon Kaseka.

-Ecole Francaise D’Extreme Orient: runs several programs in Cambodia including those based in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh–including the Inventory of Archaeological Sites (CISARK).

-Greater Angkor Project: Long-term on-going projects in the Angkor region, run by the University of Sydney, EFEO, and APSARA Authority.

-History in their Bones Project: From their website-“A diachronic, bioarchaeological study of diet, mobility and social organisation from Cambodian skeletal assemblages.”

-Industries of Angkor Project: Excavations at the site of Preah Khan of Kompong Svay, an important Angkorian iron-working site, led by Dr. Mitch Hendrickson.

-A project by Thuy Chanthourn investigating iron working sites in Preah Vihear province.

-INRAP and the APSARA Authority are working on a joint project at the Siem Reap airport, lead by Pierre Baty.

-The Living in the Shadow Angkor Project has been investigating jar burials in the Cardamom Mountains.

-Koh Ker:  Excavations at the “Tomb of the White elephant.”

-Laang Spean: A recent re-investigation of this important prehistoric site.

-Lower Mekong Archaeological Project- Survey and Excavation in the Mekong Delta region of Cambodia, centered around the site of Angkor Borei and run by the University of Hawaii.

-Memot Centre: A series of research projects on circular earthworks in the Memot region.

-Paddy to Pura: The Origins of Angkor Archaeological Project: From their website- “The principal aim of the project is to examine emerging sociopolitical complexity in Cambodia and Thailand prior to the rise of the Angkorian state. For the first time, archaeological research is being undertaken on a regional scale using a diachronic approach investigating sites from the mid-1st millennium BCE to the late 1st millennium CE. Employing a suite of advanced archaeological technologies, the research will result in answers to the enduring questions regarding the rise of complex society in Southeast Asia.”

-Phnom Kulen Program: Research on multiple Angkorian and Pre-Angkorian sites on Phnom Kulen.

-Preah Vihear: Excavations have begun at this famous Angkorian temple site.

-Prohear: Excavations at the Iron Age sites of Prohear.  A collaboration between the German Archaeological Institute and the Memot Center.

-Sambor Prei Kuk: Excavation and Conservation at SPK has been undertaken by Waseda University and the MOCFA.

-A project directed by Dr. Martin Polkinghorne focused on investigating sculpture workshops in the Angkor region.

-Sre Ampil Archaeological Project: A training project led by Khmer archaeologists from the Royal University of Fine Arts and the Royal Academy of Cambodia.

-“De Yasodharapura à Angkor Thom:” An French-Cambodian archaeological research program on the city of Angkor Thom.

8 responses to “Archaeological Projects in Cambodia

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  2. Hi there. Nice to hear about what you are doing in Cambodia. Do you have anything to do with the stone conservator Bertrand Porte at the National Museum of Cambodia. I worked at the museum in 2011 looking at their glass plate negative collection where I met Bertrand.
    I have lost contact with him since I changed my email. I live in Melbourne and work at the State Library of Victoria. Regards Jane

  3. HI Jane- I have heard of Bertrand and his work, but never had the pleasure of meeting him. I do have his email address though, so if you would like to contact him I’d be happy to share it. (The hotmail address you provided was rejected). You can write me directly at: alisonincambodia(at)gmaildotcom

  4. Hi Alison! I have a question to ask you. They say Angkor Wat is the biggest religious temple complex in the world. I find that kinda not accurate since Preah Khan Kompong stay temple complex is far larger than any temple complex in the entire khmer empire. What is your take on this?

  5. Oh I see. I have one more question on the ancient Khmers. I read on the phnom penh post that the Ancient khmers created the worlds oldest numerical zero which dates back to 683 A.D. I’m not sure if this is correct or not. What is your opinion on this?

  6. Hi Tee. This is a very good question, but there is not a clear answer. Some scholars say that the concept of zero is quite old and dates back to the ancient Near East. The inscription you are referring to might be one of the oldest to use this symbol – 0 – to refer to the concept of zero. But people had been using other symbols and words to refer to zero before this. Here are three articles that talk about this in a bit more detail.

  7. Thanks for your response Alison. I just have one more quick question to ask you and I promise this will be my last lol. Do you think Angkor is greater than the 1000 square kilometers (400 square miles) that was mapped out. I heard that Damien Evans and his colleagues had mapped out 3000 square kilometers or so around Angkor and Koh Ker. But is the true extent of it really mapped out?

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