Continuing adventures of Sam Bo in Phnom Penh

I can’t get enough of Sam Bo. Today on his way home he SHE (thanks Anthony!)  stopped at the restaurant next to my house and they fed him some old bread and fruit.

samboeats.jpg sambosmiles.jpg

The funny thing is that there were as many Khmer people stopping and watching as tourists. Sam Bo is the only elephant in Phnom Penh (so I hear) so she’s still pretty novel for even the locals.

Here’s a grainy video of him her walking down the street (again right in front of my house).

I feel compelled to also point out this video taken by a tourist of Sam Bo eating at the same restaurant in December. However I take issue with the owner’s comment about it being “a random elephant.” As I mentioned above Sam Bo is a famous elephant and very few just wander through the streets of ANY cities/villages/towns except for the more remote areas. Also- note how beautiful the riverside is in this video! You’ll notice in my video the riverside has been boarded off and in the photos from my balcony you can see the giant ditch they are digging for flood control. I can’t wait until it gets back to normal!

3 responses to “Continuing adventures of Sam Bo in Phnom Penh

  1. Now see, THAT’s what I’m talking about – I asked to hear about your adventures in that exotic place! Elephants strolling down the street, stopping for snacks en route….that’s exotic. (WONDERFUL pictures!!)

  2. Alison, he is in fact a she….

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