Funny Signs

Here’s a couple funny signs I’ve been walking by for the past few days and wanted to share.

1. On the Awning: Email, Print, and SCAM service. (At least they’re up front about it!)

2. On the yellow sign: This place makes rubber and copper stamps. Oh and cliches too.

Here’s a close-up

One response to “Funny Signs

  1. OK – I give up. What DO they mean by “scams” and “cliches”? I must admit, my mental image is rather lovely, but surely wrong?!?!?! I like looking at your pictures very much, by the way. It’s nearly mid-April (right??) and we’re having one of those early November days. As in – it’s grey, cold, and alternately drizzling and SNOWING. Oh, it’s not sticking (yet) but Winter is not going softly into its good night. Stand outside, soak up a moment’s worth of sun, and think of me (and your other Wisconsin pals), K?