Just in Case….

In my travels to and from doing research I spotted these vehicles* outside the Thai Embassy in Phnom Penh.

*The red one is a fire truck

With the relationship still strained between the two countries (and memories of riots in 2003) I suppose it’s a good precaution.

6 responses to “Just in Case….

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  2. Ha. Are they also sending memos out to all the soap opera stars?

  3. This is totally off topic, but I have to say that I am not a fan of the wordpress comment system. I can never remember which posts I commented on, and then I miss your replies! 😦

    I was clearly too pampered by learning to use a bulletin board system with its threaded comments first!

    This moment in 1990s technology brought to you by: PINE email and Mozaic browser.

  4. Have you notice a pair of boots in front of the police vehicles? It seems some one taking a nap inside!

  5. Yes, probably taking a nap! Or maybe playing cards- another popular pastime here!

  6. A sad but apparently necessary situation: anticipation of difficulty. I’m watching a tape of the Opening Ceremonies; all I can think is “PEOPLE! Get a grip….let’s quit acting badly and make NICE with each other!” (I know, I live in a dream world.) For my part: I’d love to see an announcement at the end of the Closing Ceremonies stating that Tibet will be free – and perhaps participate in the games in future…..(see paranthetical thought above)