Sam Bo for President

Sam Bo the elephant is one of my favorite parts of living in Phnom Penh (in case that isn’t already obvious).  My enthusiasm has spread to my parents who were excited to meet Sam Bo while they were here.  We started by meeting her on her daily walk home at one of my favorite spots in PP- La Croisette.  Every day after she finishes work at Wat Phnom (around 4 pm) she makes her way down the riverside and stops at La Croisette for a bite to eat. We happily fed her a big tray of fruit….

Her owner told me she’s 49 years old!

Below you can see Sam Bo’s stylish shoes to protect her feet.  Looks like they are made from rubber tires?

Later on their visit my parents took a spin around Wat Phnom on Sam Bo ($15 for two people).

There is a great story about Sam Bo that was in the Christian Science Monitor in April.  You can read it here.

If you are on facebook join our group: The International Friends of Sam Bo.

6 responses to “Sam Bo for President

  1. The temples of Angkor are fascinating, beautiful, and mind-boggling but I think the highlight of my visit to Cambodia was meeting Sam Bo. She is a magnificent animal.

  2. While I always enjoy your posts about archeology and architecture, it’s Sam Bo that always catches my attention. What a wonder! I’ve cross posted this post over at my blog….

  3. I am so touched with Sam-Bo’s life story, I am convinced that it is a great idea to have Sam-Bo as a candidate for presidency, and for sure she will win!
    It is so wonderful to see your parents’ images in this entry, especially with Sam-Bo, the pictures shows they had a great time.

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  5. I’ve linked to this from my own blog. More power to Sambo! 🙂

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