Everyone Loves a Parade!

Today marks the 55th Anniversary of Cambodia’s Independence from France and Cambodia threw a heck of a party.  This included a parade featuring elaborately decorated floats and everyone dressed to the nines.  I had a front row seat for part of the parade so you can be a virtual bystander and watch the floats go by after the jump.



Above:  People assemble in neat rows before the parade starts marching.

Below: There was a lot of waiting around before things got moving.


Here is part of the Minsitry of Economy Float that had charts and graphs on Cambodia’s growing economy!


Here’s a float from a bank proclaiming the strength of Cambodia’s mighty Riel!


The Ministry of Transportation Float was one of my favorites.  The background moved so it looks like the cars and trains were traveling through the Cambodian countryside.



This float is for the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications.  It’s hard to tell but there is a giant phone, post office box, and people sitting at laptops.


The Ministry of Tourism shows off one of their new logos.


Apsara Authority had a replica of an Angkor temple on their float.


This float is for the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning, and Construction.  Nice Total Stations!


The Ministry of Cults and Religions had several floats and a band!



There was a nice parade of people with the floats including the Cham (below).


The Ministry of Information Float

This float was for the Ministry of Development. It had little gardens and people pretending to farm them.


The Cambodian Red Cross was there to help people who fainted from the heat.


The Ministry of Health had a mock clinic complete with couple who just had a baby.


And some informative signs!


This was for the Ministry of Veteran’s Affairs and Youth Rehabilitation. It was one of the few floats that was covered so people didn’t wilt from the heat.


This is for the Ministry of Labor


This was for Women’s Crafts (Women helping themselves)


Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports


This is for CMAC one of the mine clearing agencies (the photo on the pillar is of the King in his CMAC gear).


The even had their mine-sniffing dogs!


10 responses to “Everyone Loves a Parade!

  1. I found the floats really cool, especially the last part with the cultural performances by the Ministry of Culture (which is not pictured here). Strangely, while all eyes are on the projected increase in military spending, the military itself was only represented by the marching band of 4. Yet, as expected, the country was wrongly projecting itself as exclusively culturally Khmer and religiously Buddhist like the constitution.

  2. Oh man! What great floats! Though, my favorite shot had to be of the happy condom. That was too funny. And of course those hard working mine-sniffing dogs – it’s got they got a piece of the spotlight too! It was really nice to see everyone decked out and all those elaborate and beautiful! It must be an exciting time to be in PP.

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  4. What an exciting time to be in PP! (Paul already said that but it does look that way!)
    Was there music with the floats? Kind of reminds me a bit of the Rose Parade without the roses but with bouganvilla and orchids.
    Can you comment on the efficacy of the many ministries?

  5. I laughed hard when I read this caption,
    The Cambodian Red Cross was there to help people who fainted from the heat.
    For Sure you do have a fine sense of humor.

  6. Oh, Alison! What a completely beautiful parade – I’ve never seen anything to equal it! (The Rose Parade doesn’t do it for me, I have to say). This whole parade speaks of pride and delight – and that part of the world knows how to decorate, I must say (You’ve seen the breathtaking Tibetan Pavilion at Olbrich, yes?)
    I’m SO looking forward to a long visit when you get back……..

  7. Delightful pics, Al. But I am distressed that there was no MAFF float! What happened? Do you have a pic of their float hanging around somewhere?

  8. This is impressive. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a grand display of government ministries in Southeast Asia. How well attended was the parade? What is Apsara Authority?

  9. Mandevu- there might have been an MAFF float but I missed it. I only saw a few of the floats.

    Sarah- The event was really well attended- they expected about 4 million people here this week for all the various goings on. Apsara is the government agency in charge of Angkor Archaeological Park.

  10. I love your photos! The water festival in Phnom Penh is so much bigger and more colourful than in Siem Reap. The condom sign was hilarious! And the Apsara Authority one was amazing. Love it.