Make a quick buck?

The traditional street exchange rate in Cambodia is 4000 riel to one us dollar, which is why I find this ebay entry so funny.  You can buy your very own 500 riel note (about 13 cents) for a bargain of $2!

That is a pretty good exchange rate.  Maybe next time I’m in Cambodia I should remember to bring back some small change….


3 responses to “Make a quick buck?

  1. DO IT! Gee…I have a box full of old notes and coins, I think some might be either Vietnamese money or military skrip — maybe some of those might be “valuable”. (Well, ok – they were brought back to my by Willie; I won’t be parting with them any time soon, but it’s a thought.)

  2. hi there, to the collector a Mint UNC banknote of a modern released note is generally twice the value of the exchange rate.. e.g. 500 Riels would be worth $0.30 give or take…
    however because ebay has fees of 25cents to add an entry, + final auction fees, and fees to receive payment via paypal etc etc, has led the prices of such notes to fluctuate and be a bit more expensive to the average collector.

  3. Good to know- thanks for clarifying Allan!