Short Link Dump

  • An interesting news story in the Bangkok Post about a project where Thai and Cambodian students are learning about their shared history.   After all the Preah Vihear madness and nationalism in both countries this kind of cooperation is really exciting.
  • Ka-Set has a neat story on a new EFEO project at Koh Ker.  (I wrote about my visit there a few months ago).
  • Back in February Michel Tranet, acclaimed French-Cambodian archaeologist and historian gave a talk (in Khmer) on the VOA radio program about the problems with looting in Cambodia.   There is a brief summary in English here.
  • Not Cambodia specific but here is blog that is discussing the ethics of collecting antiquities.
  • A few images from the Japanese excavation of Phum Snay are here.
  • And people in the Midwest: Dr. Dougald O’Reilly is coming to Madison, WI to give a couple lectures about his organization Heritage Watch and his work in Cambodia.   April 16th @ 7pm at the Wisconsin Historical Society auditorium in Madison he will be discussing his work with Heritage Watch.  April 17th @ 12 he’ll be giving a lecture in the Social Science building (Room 5230) on recent archaeological work in Cambodia.   Feel free to contact me for more info.


Above: I made this Preah Vihear planet following the tutorial here. Try it out yourself!


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