A few archaeology related links

– Villagers near Preah Vihear are being moved (in order to help conserve it apparently, although the village lie at the base of the plateau- not really near the temple).  A few days later it was reported that a new museum is being planned at this site. Cambodia is really keen on making Preah Vihear Angkor Wat II, but if they hope to get tourist numbers in the thousands (or even millions) they will have to drastically improve the roads to get to the site.   I doubt they will reach ever those tourist numbers with the border closed (and needless to say, tensions between Thailand still looming).  Lots of work to be done there.

-A colleague of mine, Shawn Fehrenbach, has been working on his MS thesis examining Angkor Borei ceramics.  He’s put a summary of the results and a PDF of the thesis on his (lovely) website.

-A new exhibit is opening at the National Museum in Phnom Penh on Angkor’s Ancestors.   It is based largely on the work of the EFEO and Apsara Authority.  I’m looking forward to seeing it when I’m back in Cambodia in July and I am sure I’ll write more about it then.

-Speaking of ceramics, the Smithsonian has a new website up on SEA ceramics with photos of the collections, articles, bibliography, and more to come.  Check it out!

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