Back in the field

In a couple weeks I’ll be heading back to Cambodia for a short trip to do some more research.  I plan on blogging periodically while I’m there, but things might be a bit slow until then.  I’m heading back to work with LOMAP on a new project that is being funded by NASA.  Here’s a brief description from the LOMAP website:

A growing body of archaeological evidence supports the French claim that Angkor Borei was a large regional center during the period we associate with Funan, and that its importance continued throughout the pre-Angkorian period. Analyzing data from the 2003-2005 survey region offers intriguing clues regarding changing settlement patterns through time through the northern Mekong delta, but more work is needed to the north and west of our survey area. Funding from a NASA Space Archaeology grant will take LOMAP crew members back to Takeo Province in July and August 2009 to apply results of predictive models now under development.

I’m excited to be getting back to Cambodia to see friends there and  to do some fieldwork.


Above: Doing survey in Takeo Province (2005)

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