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I don’t usually post news-y stories about archaeology in Cambodia because Noel covers all those events so well. (If you’re interested in Southeast Asia and/or archaeology, you should definitely have his site on your RSS feed).

But there have been a few interesting things happening lately that I think could use an extra shout-out:

-The Khmer Archaeological Society is an up-and-coming organization focusing on archaeological projects in Cambodia and work done by Cambodian archaeologists.  There is some interesting research up there that you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else.

-The Cambodian Stone Project is updating from the field now, where researchers are using stone petrography to identify the raw material locations for some of Cambodia’s most famous temples and sculpture.

-Not archaeological, but the relatively recent Phnom Penh Places blog has sporadic and very interesting posts on notable and historic parts of Phnom Penh.

-Following a similar theme is the Southeast Asia Movie Theater project blog, which visits and documents many of the beautiful and dying movie theaters of SEA’s recent past.  It’s quite obvious the site’s author cares deeply for these faded gems.

-Totally self-promotional: My last blog post on contemporary Cambodian ceramics didn’t make it into people’s RSS feeds.  You can check it out below. Or click here.

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