Confirmed damage at Preah Vihear

KI-Media (via an anonymous reader) has posted photos of the serious damage at Preah Vihear.  They have it spread out over several posts:

Part 1 (Gopura II and III),  Part 2 (Gopura III), Part 3 (NW of Gopura III), Part 4 (More at Gopura III), and Part 5 (Gopura I)

It appears that my earlier post was incorrect, it was not Gopura V that sustained the most serious damage, but Gopuras I, II, and III. For reference, here is a photo of the Gopuras from KI-Media.


Here are a few photos from KI-Media showing some of the damage of Gopura III


I photographed this part of Gopura III on my first visit to Preah Vihear in 2007 (at this point it was still accessible from Thailand). Here is a photo of the same part of the Gopura in 2007 and happier times.

3 responses to “Confirmed damage at Preah Vihear

  1. Very upsetting and disappointing indeed.

  2. Great that you’ve offered us before and after photos… sad to see the destruction.

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