Angkor in 3D

A Korean television station has produced a 2-part documentary on 12th/13th century Angkor in 3D.   The trailer has been making the rounds on the Cambodian news websites, it looks really fun!

There is also a brief “making of” clip on YouTube.  Part of the story focuses on Jayavarman VII, who built Angkor Thom, the Bayon and many other buildings large and small. It reminds me a bit of the fiction book The King’s Last Song, which alternates between the story of a French archaeologist who finds one of Jayavarman’s  ancient manuscripts and is subsequently kidnapped by a former Khmer Rouge soldier AND an imagined account of Jayavarman VII’s life. It was a great read.

Of course the ultimate Angkor in 3D experience is to visit it in person yourself!

4 responses to “Angkor in 3D

  1. That books sounds very similar to “The Anasazi Mystery” series by Kathleen and Michael O’Greer. Despite the somewhat corny name, they actually tell very good stories set both in c. 1250-1300 Ancenstral Puebloan towns, and modern day New Mexico, alternating between an archaeological crew’s excavations of specific sites (full of all the real world dynamics that occur on digs that only we know first hand) and the fictionalized events in the past the resulted in what the team was finding. Highly recommended.

  2. Thanks for the book recommendation Damien! Those sound great actually. I might have to add them to my reading pile for the long plane ride to SEA!

  3. I’m looking forward to another 3-D experience some day!

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