Angkor for sale

If you find yourself wanting to take the beauty of Angkor Wat home with you, it is  possible to purchase an almost-perfect replica in Siem Reap.

This Angkor Wat can be found at the Chamlak Banteay Srei Rachna workshop along the river in Siem Reap.  It took four years to carve out of sandstone and is currently for sale at $9500 (a steal, if you ask me).

The level of detail is great- there are even nagas!

In case 

In case you can’t read the sign on the back the email address for the workshop is:  It’s located on the river in Siem Reap  just across from 1961.


2 responses to “Angkor for sale

  1. I saw it while they were building it last year – it was almost complete then!

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