Fall links

There have been quite a few interesting archaeology stories/websites I’ve come across lately.  Now seems like time to share them.

-I’ve been reading a Vietnamese archaeology blog via Google Translate for while now. Recently the owner re-posted an interesting series of photos showing various steps in a Cham cremation ceremony. I can’t seem to get Google Translate to work on the original website, which is here.

-Exciting news out of Angkor, that a giant Buddha sculpture was discovered while doing restoration work at Ta Prom.

-A few months ago Andy’s Cambodia had a short blurb on the very interesting jar burials in the Cardamom Mountains.

-Related to my earlier post on NOT buying looted artifacts is this article from Tess Davis on the sale of Khmer antiquities.

A great post from the Cambodia Stone Project on Khmer quarries.

-A shout-out for the Kerdomnel Khmer blog, a companion to the Khmer archaeology magazine (in Khmer with some English).

-A Phnom Penh Post article from this summer on the restoration of Banteay Chhmar.

-Lastly, I could kill hours just staring at these amazing photos from the May Ebihara collection and Then and Now: Historical Photographs of Cambodia.  Both are stored online at the Southeast Asian Digital Library. The photo below is from the Then and Now collection, showing a flooded street in Phnom Penh. Flooding in Cambodia and Thailand has been severe this year. My thoughts go out to everyone in these regions dealing with the floods.

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