December Links

There have been quite a few interesting archaeological stories in the news lately:

-Following up on the Cham cremation ceremony I mentioned earlier are photographs of a Cham wedding ceremony.

-Kerdomnel Khmer has a nice post on Prasat Sdok Kak Thom in Thailand.

-A VOA story on Khmer chants known as Smot. They specifically mention Trent Walker, who also has this fantastic website on Smot.  I’m in awe of his language ability and dedication to this craft.

-If you’ve visited Angkor lately, you’ll know it seems that the whole park has been taken over by giant tourist buses, apparently full of Asian tourists. This is having an impact on the local economy, as the local tuk-tuk drivers are getting less business.

3D Angkor Wat! The Google Earth integration is pretty cool.

-Ever wanted to watch Angkor Wat: City of Gods? KI-Media has links to YouTube videos from this documentary.  (I haven’t watched this yet, so I can’t vouch for its quality).

-Khmer speakers might enjoy this short video from RFA on a university project studying old French buildings in Kampot.

-Last but not least are recent articles about two different archaeological projects involving friends of mine:

-The Phnom Penh Post details recent research on Angkorian period sculpture workshops, lead by Dr. Martin Polkinghorne.(KI-Media Link).

-Dr. Nancy Beaven talks about her work on jar burial sites in the Cardamom mountains.

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  1. What a great list of links! Thanks!