Jay-Z and Beyonce visit Angkor Wat

My Facebook feed was atwitter yesterday with news that Beyonce and Jay-Z had visited Angkor.  I was also pleased to see that my friend, Kompheak Seng was the one to show them around.  Kompheak is an accomplished archaeologist who has undergone training at the University of Hawaii and worked in Cambodia and the Philippines.

Kompeak Seng (sitting to the left of Jay-Z and Beyonce).

Kompheak Seng (sitting to the left of Jay-Z and Beyonce). Photo courtesy of Kompheak Seng.

He told me that he took them to Angkor Wat and the Bayon. (I guess they didn’t have time to see more).  He said they were excited to see the smiling faces at the Bayon. Unfortunately, they didn’t have time to pick Kompheak’s brain about Cambodian history and archaeology nor did he get a chance to show them Cambodian delicacies like prahok.  Maybe on their next trip!

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