Would you like to excavate at Angkor Wat?

2015-07-24 09.25.45

I’m excited to say that together with Miriam Stark and my colleagues in the APSARA Authority, we are planning fieldwork at Angkor Wat in 2018.  AND we are also partnering with the Earthwatch Institute to take on a limited number of volunteers to join our project. If you’ve always dreamed of doing archaeology at Angkor, this could be the right opportunity for you.

Our project website on the Earthwatch page with more information is here.

I’ve written about our past work here and here.

You can watch an informational webinar that Miriam and I recently did for Earthwatch here.


3 responses to “Would you like to excavate at Angkor Wat?

  1. Is this volunteer opportunty open to Khmers and expats living in Cambodia? Because a quick look at Earthwatch’s site leads me to believe this is a paid volunteer opportunity only. Thanks.

    • Hi Lani – Earthwatch is the primary source of funding for our fieldwork, so we are only taking paid volunteers through Earthwatch at that time. We already have a pre-existing program working with Cambodian archaeology students from RUFA and APSARA Archaeologists that is separate from this.