Indefinite hibernation

As is painfully obvious, this blog has been infrequently updated for the past several years and will likely be infrequently updated for the foreseeable future.  Still, I periodically receive word that older posts on here are helpful/informative, so I will let it continue to persist as a relic of a different stage of my life.

However, I have been keeping busy.  I maintain an “Alison in Cambodia” facebook page where I regularly post about archaeology news related to Cambodia. This is perhaps the best way to keep up with me and goings-on in Cambodian archaeology.

I also tweet semi-regularly and periodically post on Instagram.

In 2017, I joined the Department of Anthropology at the University of Oregon as an Assistant Professor and this is where most of my time and energy go. For academic/professional information on me and my work you can check the following:

I am currently PI and co-Director of the Pteah Project investigating Angkorian residential spaces in Battambang province. You can see our project website for some information on our current research! Our upcoming 2020 field season is taking volunteers through the Earthwatch Institute.

I also recently  wrote about our earlier collaborative research at Angkor Wat in The Conversation.

I look forward to hearing form readers of this blog, so please feel free to contact me at


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