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Photos of Cambodia in Life Magazine

I’m having so much fun checking out old photos of Cambodia from Life magazine that are now available via Google.


Above: The Royal Palace in 1952

Below: The same area now via Google Earth


Below: The moat around Angkor Thom


Below: Back in the 50s there were Royal elephants associted with the Royal Palace.  Now Sam Bo is all that is left of the elephants in PP.


Below: This is from a US AID trip to Camobdia. Year?


Check out more here.


The Royal Palace

In addition to doing my PhD research here in Cambodia, I’ve also been volunteering my time with the organization Heritage Watch. Heritage Watch is an NGO run by an archaeologist Dougald O’Reilly, that focuses broadly on heritage preservation. They run a wide variety of programs, one of their most prominent being a heritage-friendly tourism program. They also produce a bi-monthly magazine called TouchStone, distributed for free throughout Cambodia. It is skewed toward archaeology and preservation issues but also deals with anything having to do with Khmer culture and life in Cambodia. TouchStone always needs articles so I volunteered to write a few for the magazine. I just completed my first article on the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh and thought I would post a version of it here. Click on “More” below to read the complete article.

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